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Traffic came to a halt on Pescador Drive this afternoon Monday, December 19, 2011, around 5p.m., rush hour in down town San Pedro, when a motorcycle slammed into taxi making its way into the main middle street. One of the passengers sustained some injuries.

According to eye witnesses, taxi driver Jesus Wiltshire was backing up from Ambergris Street and cutting through Pescador Drive from Martha’s Hotel to Elvi’s Kitchen. A golf cart on Pescador Drive stopped and gave Wiltshire the right of passage, but an oncoming motorcyclist behind the golf cart did not heed to the situation in front of him. The motorcycle then struck the taxi on the front driver’s side and ended up partially underneath the front bumper of the taxi.

The two men who were on the motorcycle were flung off the cycle and unto the pavement. The driver was wearing a helmet and did not sustain any injuries, unlike his passenger who was not wearing a helmet for protection. He suffered some injuries and was seen coughing up blood at the site of the accident; he was taken to the clinic for medical treatment.

According to reports, at least one involved was under the influence of alcohol. More on this as we obtain an official police report.

Persons on the motorcycle clean up after the collisionPersons on the motorcycle clean up after the collisionMotorcycle slams into taxi on middle street, Pescador Dr.Jesus Wiltshire exits from his taxiTaxi driver Jesus Wiltshire give his account to the San Pedro PoliceMotorcycle slams into taxi on middle street, Pescador Dr.Motorcycle slams into taxi on middle street, Pescador Dr.

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    Just goes to show how condense our streets are with vehicles, and the streets are too narrow for such traffic flow. Think Town board should consider turning back some of the vechicles already on the island because during lunch time there is huge traffic jam. 

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    They should stop giving so many taxi permits. There are already too many. In fact I know of some people who own taxis and are not even taxi drivers. They have their good office jobs but yet because of political affiliations manage to get a taxi permit. This is wrong and those permits should be revoked. The same goes to persons who don't even live here in the island but yet have permits. I know of a man who lives in Corozal who owns at least 4 taxis here in the island. All the money generated here goes out. It is not rotating here how it should but that is another topic and story.

    I think all taxis should be golf carts like in Caye Caulker. It gives a more pleasant look to our Island and I know tourist and locals would love it. Rates would also be cheaper and golf carts can go where some of those huge vans can't.

    I hope Daniel Guerrero, Conchita Valdez and Mel Paz read this and do something about it when their chance to run the town comes. 

    Our Island is getting worst by the minute. Thank God no one was killed in this accident that could have been avoided if front street was not closed because of that abominable town clock. But that is also another story.

    I won’t sign this because I do not want any problems with anyone but please do publish this editor of Ambergris Today. This is a great medium for us to express ourselves without having to be worrying and watching our backs. Keep doing a great job at reporting this kind of news because these are the real problems we are facing in our island. 

    Thank you and have a nice day,

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    It is very sad to see that as the island grows so those the problems that are affiliated with congested areas.  We need to get taxis out of San Pedro.  There is substantial little space on the streets left for traffic and the taxi drivers are in a hury to get no where.  The Taxi drivers and bigger vehicles are always over taking the golf carts and smaller transportation medium causing lots of dangerous situations. 

    The island is tranforming into a very dangerous place for pedestrians which include many children on their way to schools and Tourists who come to the island to relax and walk around the island in a state of relaxation that they are entitled to since its not cheap to visit San Pedro anymore.  Lets keep our tourist safe and show them a good time so they return, lets keep in mind that they Belize because the coastal areas in the US are nothing but congested streets and over commercialised areas.  Lets protect San Pedro and preserve its beauty and tranquility.  Lets go back to island time living getting around on bicycles and golfcards.

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    The most obvious part of any vehicular accident would be traffic congestion and the width of the streets (at least here on the island). Unfortunately whenever we hear politicians talking about the "Master Plan" there isn't anything that can be done to the downtown streets. There is no "Master Plan"...point blank.

    To my understanding from this article, the one to blame would be the golfcart for stopping (for the most part) and the taxi driver for not using his common sense of driving to let the golfcart have the right of way as it was suppose to be done.

    People (in general) have the audacity to stop middle of the street either to pick up, drop off or let others pass you whenever you have the right of way.

    It's not rocket science! If the cart hadn't stopped in the first place, traffic would have flowed as normal, having the motorcycle go behind followed by the taxi. SIMPLE!

    They say common sense isn't too common nowadays... But really people, use your heads. 

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