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Talk around town is that the Belize Brewing Company Ltd. has changed the flavor of their Lighthouse Lager Beer. Some customers and drinkers of Lighthouse swear that they have noticed a distinct and different taste to the Lighthouse beer after having sampled a few, especially at a particular establishment on the island. This got many people thinking and angry at the fact that their favorite beer has been altered.

Well, getting to the bottom of this was as easy as making a phone call. Ambergris Today spoke to Mr. David Vasquez, Sales and Marketing Manager of Belize Brewing Co. Ltd., who confirmed that there has been no altering of the taste of the Lighthouse Beer.

“The beer making process is a fully automated process where there are no hands involved that can alter the consistency in taste of our product,” commented Mr. Vasqez to Ambergris Today “I can assure you that the Lighthouse formula is the same and we continue to produce it at its highest quality.”

Mr. Vasquez commented that the taste of beer is susceptible to light and temperature. Proper storage of beer is essential for it to retain its taste once it leaves the factory. Too much direct sunlight or cooling and warming of beer will alter its taste. Mr. Vas    quez recommends reporting any variations in taste to the local establishments or your local distributor.

Lighthouse Beer drinkers can rest assured that nothing has been changed about their beer of choice.

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    Some establishments, in order to cut cost on their electricity bill, cut the power to their freezers at night. hence cold beer gets hot, and then it is cooled again. that gives beers a slight sour taste! this is just my observation.

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    The biggest enemy of beer is light, especially sunlight; another is wide variations in temperature.

    Distributors sell Belikin and Lighthouse beers to fairs, events etc. on consignment. Unsold cold beer is taken back to the Distributors' warehouse for re-sale after warming up.

    You never know what you will get, hence, I don't drink either of the two.

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    Belikin and Lighthouse beers sit on the docks/piers out at the cayes for hours in the sun; another reason you do not want to drink any of them.

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    I am not a beer man, but I do respect those who like it. Nobody forces you to drink anyway.  But can you change the taste of beer? Can you change the taste of milk?  Can you change the taste of smoke of cigarettes?   You tell me how one winston and one Independence can be different?  No, it is all the same stuff, for lack of a better word.

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