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Summer vacations are almost over and everybody is in the ‘back-to-school’ rush. Parents and students are making sure that they have all their textbooks, pencils, school bags and much need school supplies. Teachers and school principals are also busy preparing classrooms, school grounds and lesson plans for this coming Monday, September 5, 2011.

This week, teachers and volunteers at the San Pedro Roman Catholic School are working to replace the school’s old blackboards with new dry-erase whiteboards and have launched an “Adopt-a-Whiteboard” Campaign.

These new whiteboards are better for children’s learning and most importantly their health. The RC School classrooms are open to the air and are exposed to lots of dust and sand coming into the rooms from the beach and streets. By the afternoon, with the humidity and chalk dust, you can actually see clouds of dust in the classroom.

Over the years, many children and their teachers have complained about breathing problems. So to combat the sneezing, coughing, and breathing problems, the teachers set a goal to get whiteboards for the school’s classrooms for the 2011-12 school year.

For BZ$350, your business, organization or even you, as an individual, can “adopt” a whiteboard for the children of the RC School. Much thanks and appreciation is in order for Mr. Curt Fisher, owner of the Blue Tang Resort who has “adopted” 10 classrooms, Exotic Caye Resort and SEAduced by Belize, The Palms Resort and Wil & Susan Lala, have each adopted a classroom.

A total of 14 whiteboards have been adopted and there are 16 more left for adoption. For the betterment of the students of the RC School, please make a donation. Kindly contact: Ms. Roxani Kay, Principal, San Pedro Roman Catholic Primary School, 226-2550 (school office) or 622-3266 (cell phone) or email:

New Whiteboards at San Pedro RC School - Adpot-a-whiteboard Campaign.

New Whiteboards at San Pedro RC School.

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    i  wouldnt  give  one  red  cent...  to   assist  that   school.....maybe  the  catholic  church    should  cough  up   some   cash......  it's  thier  school.....[they  do  have  a  few  bucks  stashed  away].....

    oh...  and  maybe  they  should  give  san  pedro  back  it's   5-a-side  court   too........

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    I don't know why they are collecting and it was a donation given to the school so they dont have to collect anything and instead of collecting money for donations they should collect money to help construct that school better because its falling into pieces and the principal doesn't even care about the school why should others Money mouth

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