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The Great Barrier Reef of our beautiful Belize, there are many ways to explore this natural wonder many dive, snorkel and swim in our beautiful Caribbean waters. Then there is the glass bottom boat where you get to see the bottom of the sea without even getting in it. Recently we have learnt about Snuba and Seatrek. Well there is a new excursion in our horizon, Belize Submarine Tour.

Belize Submarine Tour, the newest excursion and first tourist submarine in Belize, is preparing for its Grand Launch this Fall. It is the first tourist submarine excursion in Belize and its newest tourist attraction.

The Nautilus IV is a State of the Art semi submersible submarine exclusively developed for use on the Belize Barrier Reef. Cruising at six feet below the ocean's surface, in the air-conditioned hull of this underwater observatory, large clear glass windows allow tourists to enjoy all the wonder and beauty of the Barrier Reef of Belize. State of the Art LED lighting has been added to illuminate the great diversity of sea life around the Barrier Reef during the Sunset Cruises.

“We are extremely excited about bringing the latest and greatest tourist attraction to Belize. As we join in celebrating this momentous milestone, our tourist submarine will help augment the tourism industry in the country, and will draw more visitors to Belize for years to come,” said David Perniz, CEO, Treasure Island Management, Ltd.

The 45 minute tour will initially operate from two locations: from Tourist Village in Belize City on days when the cruise ships come to Belize, and from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, on alternate days of the week. This exclusive underwater experience is offered by “Belize Submarine Tour”, which is a subsidiary of Treasure Cove Belize, the proposed mega-green resort on Drowned Caye Island.

“Our completely redesigned interior includes natural Belizean hardwood and will greatly enhance the magnificent visual experience,” said Mark Moskowitz, Senior Counsel for Treasure Island Management, Ltd.

Ambergris Today will soon bring you more exciting relevant information on these tours, so start making plans.

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    oh  good....another   foriegn  owned  tour  buisness....[the tour  guides  in  thier  boat  will    enjoy  seeing  the   tourists  board   that  tub/sub...]and.....i'm  sure  the  sealife  will  totally  enjoy  the   propulsion system  used  to   drive a  machine of  that  size....  and  yes    the  polution  that   must  go  with  it [if not  electric]....AHHHHhhhh....isnt  it  good  to  see  the progress....of   foriegn profits....!!!!

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    This is not state of the art and not exclusive to Belize either since there are several of this oparating around the Mexico and the Caribbean. Operators need to be careful how they use these because very few places are over six feet in the reel lagoon in San Pedro. Also, we need to consider the socio-economic factor. Were the San Pedro tour guide consulted.

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    Wrong again.  This is a Belizean-owned company.  This project is wholly endorsed by the Belizean government.

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    Amazing how many commenters here who know nothing, have so much trash to say about this Belizean-owned company, and about a project that is wholly government-endorsed.  I thought Belizeans were supposed to be so friendly.  Hmmm.

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    The CEO is from the US!

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