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Our beautiful country of Belize has been named one of the “TOP TEN” places to live in the world by Travelers Tips ‘n’ Pics website. The top ten countries were selected from a list of factors which include the environment, weather, history, politics, economy, infrastructure, social climate, and entertainment all play a part. All the factors that that make the place we live the place we love to call home. Belize was chosen because it is ‘Simply Beautiful’.

When choosing a place to live, your decision should be based on what issues are important to you. Finding the right combination of features is the key to loving where you live. Here is what Travelers Tips ‘n’ Pics had to say about Belize:

Simply Beautiful – Belize
Belize, considered one of the most beautiful countries in Central America, has it all. Belize touts great beaches, subtropical climate, diverse wildlife, and a low cost of living. The scuba diving and snorkeling is fabulous. The gorgeous waterfalls underneath the Maya Mountains are rivaled only by the hundreds of colorful species of birds flying the skies. Rent of a large house in Cayo district is only $300/month. Food at the local markets is very reasonably priced. The official language is English. The Retired Person’s Incentive Program starts at the ripe young age of 45 and allows tax free living.

Consider a snowbird lifestyle when it comes to living in Belize. The wet season is May to October. It rains all the time and there is a chance for hurricanes. But I’d stay November through April in this beautiful land, which is just where I’d like to be rather than the cold snowy land I call home that time of year.

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By: Terra L. Fletcher, owner Fletcher Freelancev

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    i  have  to  assume  that   crime  and  corruption  were not  part  of  the judging  critieria....but  then...  if  it  were....belize  would  not  have  been  on  the  list....

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    Every country has crime and curruption. We have to look at the positive side of things, much like this article is doing. If crime and corruption were on the list then no country would be on the list.

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