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By Sofia Muñoz

It’s that time of the year when we enjoy the sea and sun! Easter time! Many tourists come to our lovely Isla Bonita to enjoy our beautiful beaches, swim in our pristine beautiful Caribbean waters, party and have a good time. Many families head out to the beach and parks to enjoy some nice family quality time. Having in mind the children of San Pedro and the many tourists who are coming to visit, the Town Council gave Central Park a face lift just in time for Easter.

Ambergris Today met with Deputy Mayor, Mr. Severo Guerrero, who is in charge of civic and infrastructure development on the island and he explained a bit more on the playgrounds that are being placed on several parks and new park projects that are currently underway.

Under his portfolio, Mr. Guerrero is in charge of establishing new recreational areas and parks and overseeing them. Just this week Central Park had the benches painted bright purple and a new playground was erected for the children to enjoy. Central Park looks bright and beautiful and the new playground will bring much joy to all the children who visit the park.

The Heredia Flamboyant Park in the San Pablo Area also received a new playground and in about two or three weeks the Boca Del Rio Park and San Pedrito Park will be receiving new playground sets as well. Currently there is a large palapa that is being constructed at the San Pedrito Park and more beautification is yet to come.

“We have recently designated an area for a new park in the San Marcos Area,” commented Deputy Mayor Severo Guerrero. “Minister Heredia has allocated $10,000 for the parks of San Pedro, and I believe that this park in San Marcos is really needed for the children to enjoy. Work at the new park will begin in the months to come.”

Anyone interested in adopting a park, for the upkeep and maintenance, can contact Mr. Severo Guerrero at the office of the San Pedro Town Council at 226-2198 or 633-2428 or email at

New Playgrounds & New ParkNew Playgrounds & New ParkNew Playgrounds & New ParkNew Playgrounds & New ParkNew Playgrounds & New ParkNew Playgrounds & New ParkNew Playgrounds & New Park

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    Good job Mr Severo! Now sit on your veranda and look in front of your house, Mrs. Patty Arceo was generous enough to help build the sea wall at the back area and the majority of the residents there keep it neat. Now you can give it a beautification by  removing your old zincs and stuff and when you need it for your traps you take it directly to your boat:) The planting of the trees you have there is great but let's keep it neat and you will get a 99%. Set the example:)

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    seems  the  new  park  in  san pedrito...  was  more  needed  than  the  mangrove  trees there....i  guess  the  town  board  doesnt  have  to  value  the  mangroves  ...but  then  if the  foriegners  dont  have  to  ,, to  do  thier  developements...then  why  should  the  govt's  of  belize... [must we  assume  then  that  the  ministry of  the  enviroment..gave  it's  approval  for  the chopping  of  the  mangrove  trees...]

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    That's fascinating. I have never seen such impressive playground before. I am grateful to you for sharing this post. Commercial Playgrounds

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