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The quick response of the San Pedro Police Department after having received a report of a burglary in North Ambergris Caye, led to the apprehensions of two individuals who were charged for the crime of burglary.

According to the official police report, 45-year-old, Antonio Reyes, Belizean caretaker, residing 15 miles North of San Pedro Town reported that on Saturday, April 16 at about 10:00 a.m. whilst he was at the beachfront of the house where he works, he saw two male persons passing on a white golf cart. Minutes later the complainant saw the same golf cart parked ahead from where he was. Upon making checks he noticed that one of the male persons was sitting and waiting on the golf cart and the other was seen jumping out from a window located on the northern side of the building he takes care of.

The men were surprised that they were caught and escaped on the golf cart they had. Reyes then made checks on the house and found that missing were several tools including: (1) Yellow DeWalt cordless heavy duty drill hammer, (1) Yellow DeWalt cordless cutlass tool and (1) Yellow DeWalt cordless heavy duty impact driver, all to a total value of $2,305.85Bze.

Quick response from the police led to the apprehension of Hugo Estrada, 19-year-old, Belizean mason of San Pedrito Area while the other culprit escaped into the nearby bushes. Based on further investigation police caught the second culprit who was later identified as Selvin Sealy, 18-year-old, Belizean tour guide of San Pedrito Area. Estrada and Sealey were then subsequently arrested and charged for the crime of burglary. All items were recovered.
Selvin Sealey, 18-year-old, charged for the crime of burglary.Hugo Estrada, 19-year-old, charged for the crime of burglary.

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    good job san pedro police

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    Tongue outthey should make them have community service cleaning the beaches and town

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    If the magistrate fines them, let it be a hefty fine like three times the value of stolen  goods (like they do) for contraband).  But it  would be nice if they are given a good lesson with  one month community service raking the beach and cleaning streets in San Pedrito.  Shame for teenagers tobe so lazy.

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    lets  also   hope  for  such...  a  ''tour  guide'',,,,  to  looze  any  further  tour  licencing  .....and  spend  hard  time  in  hattie

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