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- Press Release - Grid Earth’s efforts to provide safe solar powered household lighting is directly bringing hope to the residents of San Mateo. One woman shares her story about her children who are now able to do their homework at night.

Shirley, pictured here with her children, went from house to house attempting to borrow a candle so her children could do their homework. Unfortunately, residents in San Mateo were not able to help her. Her children were forced to go to school the next day and explain to their teacher that they were unable to complete their homework. Why? Because there was no light.

Grid Earth believes this should never be allowed to happen. In this world we live in, something as small as a candle is preventing a child’s education.

In a community like San Mateo, most residents have little choice about their future. Those able to study and learn have some hope of pulling themselves out of their current position.

Grid Earth is dedicated to providing this assistance when possible. Our hope is that the light provides hope and prosperity to the residents of San Mateo. Support Grid Earth today with a donation to help fund more safe lighting projects.

Grid Earth

About Grid Earth

To save lives, improve health and educational conditions, and stimulate economies in underdeveloped areas of the world by providing solar powered household lighting and increased opportunities for commerce.

To see the quality of life around the world improve through the increased use of safe, clean and efficient sources of energy.

GridEarth Brings In Simple Reusable Technology. Their simple technology starts with “off the grid” products like Solar Powered Household Lights. A simple solution that can help a child read in a safe environment as oppose to Kerosene lamps. It can help a family eat a meal together with
breathing in the noxious fumes that can lead to a variety of ailments caused by kerosene.

Grid Earth Website

Community of San Mateo
Here's a video posted on YouTube where nine year old filmmaker Gigi Harris shares the difficult living conditions in San Mateo, Belize. For more information contact Beth Ratty, Principal of Mason Elementary: 816-986-2330. [email protected]

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    ITS NOT FAIR Just by watching this video am terrified about the area.... what these people are doing to the Community.....All the residents of San Mateo have to stand up and do something for themselves and stop depending on other people to help them.....Now that you bought them the solar panel WHAT do you have to buy them a light bulb????? The government helps all of them but yet they expect the Mayor to give them everything!!! 1.  just by looking at the garbage piles it shows the LAZINESS of these people...What does it take to move your garbage to the bridge every time you got to town.....2. You got the land for almost free on an island do you want a free house too???

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    You are a disgrace to this community.  Not everyone can afford material things! Some people barely have food on their table.  They try, its good to give a helping hand! Youa re so selfish.

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    christian is as christian does.  when our own doorstep is clean is when we can point at anothers. it seems easy for some to look to others business when our own needs getting in order. 

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    The truth behind San Pedro involves Politics.  The area was obviously not ready to be developed but aspiring and current politicians were eager to "give away land".  Give away land..they gave away "Mangrove" and they gave it to the hard working people who need it the most.  I do not blame what is happening to San Mateo on the residents of the area, no I blame the people in power who let the residents move into an area that had NO INFRASTRUCTURE AND NOW EVERYONE TURNS A BLIND EYE!!!

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    people just talk because they have a MOUTH!!!!! Shame on YOU!!!

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