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It’s the month of October and everyone is out and about buying their costumes for Halloween. It has become a custom that every year the children, especially pre-schoolers, dress up as their favorite superhero or princess and they go about trick or treating around town. But unfortunately they will not be doing so this year.

“One of the main reasons why we won’t be taking the children to trick-or-treat is because of the congested streets. There is too much traffic and we do not want to put the lives of our students in danger,” commented Principal Wil Alamilla, of ABC Pre-school, to Ambergris Today.

Mr. Alamilla did mention that the students will be allowed to dress up for Halloween and attend classes since they will be having their Halloween party in school instead of trick-or-treating. This applies to all pre-schools on the island.

Dirty Mangrove

Garbage is a great problem here on the island. We are called La Isla Bonita but some of us aren’t doing much to keep this name. Recently Mr. Elito Arceo of Seaduced by Belize, embarked on a cleanup campaign along with the Red Tap Crew and is currently cleaning the entire beach from the north end of the island to the south end, and has been doing a great job.

Just this week Mr. Arceo contacted us at Ambergris Today about a very serious garbage situation. He noticed that there was some plastic containers and loose garbage floating on the lagoon. He cleaned it up, but while he was riding around he found a clearing by the mangroves that was full of garbage bags and pieces of wood thrown there.

“This is very bad, there are local fishermen that take tourists back here and it’s a shame to have to show them this garbage thrown in the mangroves instead of the dumpsite,” commented Mr. Arceo.

Mr. Arceo is offering a reward of $500 to anyone who has information of who is throwing garbage on the mangroves in order for the culprit to be arrested and charged. Anyone with information in regards to this situation kindly contact Mr. Elito Arceo at the office of Seaduced by Belize or call 226-2254. Let’s have some sense of pride and keep our Isla Bonita clean!

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    Great Job Elito!


    We need more active community members like you to make a difference. Instead of sitting back and criticizing the problem, action needs to be taken! 

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