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It’s the Thanksgiving weekend and things are picking up! Tourists are on our beautiful island, walking around, dining in different restaurants and shopping everywhere - meaning that the much anticipated high tourist season is finally here.

This year has been a very tough one for all business owners as it has been a very dormant year with very little tourist arrivals and generally slow business on the island. The US recession has definitely left its mark in Belize. Luckily things are shaping up and things are looking brighter just as we are about to say good bye to this year.

Tourist arrivals from now till the end of the year look bright as airlines have confirmed a good number of reservations and resorts/hotels are also claiming to have most, if not all, of their rooms booked as well; projections for months ahead look positive.

“We have been waiting for this Thanksgiving weekend to come,” commented one business owner of Barrier Reef Drive. “It’s the time when we see more tourist arriving to the island and with this year being a very slow one, we are happy to see large groups of tourist walking up and down the streets, visiting the gift shops, and enjoying our beautiful island paradise. This was what was missing for the longest. Our Isla Bonita looks alive!”

So it’s time to show our visitors our beautiful ways, greet them with warm smiles and welcome them to paradise! Let’s get to work!
High Tourist Season is here!High Tourist Season is here!High Tourist Season is here!High Tourist Season is here!High Tourist Season is here!High Tourist Season is here!High Tourist Season is here!High Tourist Season is here!High Tourist Season is here!

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    If Belize tourism could talk to West Jet in Canada and get them to fly to Belize it would be cheaper air fare and have more Canadians to come to Belize and would help the local bussiness that my thoughts.

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    NO its NOT! its just thanksgiving weekend i bet you next week it will go back dead...The recession is hitting this country and our Government don't give a * about it....Its sad but they prefer to bailout the cane men like that makes any MONEY! Ambergris Today Please post something that would make our Government open its eyes...You come to Belize and the Taxes are so high...Americans come to Belize to ENJOY many of what our country has to offer...Yet this country Rapes the tourist off....and just to add the cherry to it the people that work at customs and immigration treat Locals and tourist alike like s**t. Thats all i have to say for Right now thank you AMBERGRIS TODAY!

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    Agreed, it does rip visitors off, but not just tourists, even people wanting to invest in the country!! Too much greed will kill it people, wake up to yourselves.

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