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Pakarshi Wadhwa, manger of Wings Department Store, on Coconut Drive reported to Police that at about 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 17, whist entering his home on the third floor he was attacked by two male persons of dark skin complexion. They took his green and silver cell phone, one Citizens silver watch and one gold chain. His wife was robbed of her green Samsung cell phone and one gold anklet.

One of the male persons then forced him to go to the 1st floor of Wings Department Store where monies of different denominations were taken from the cash register. The men took an undisclosed amount of money and hit the manager of Wings on the head with a hammer.

Quick Police investigations led to the detention of one Oliver Peters, 33-year-old, Belizean laborer of Belize City and Edward Barona, 31-year-old, Belizean laborer of DFC Area. Oliver Peters and Edward Barona were both charged for the crime of burglary. Oliver Peters was charged separately for the crimes of burglary and wounding. Both men have been arraigned at the San Pedro Magistrate Court before Magistrate Patricia Arana where they were denied bailed and remanded to Hattieville Prison until their next court appearance.

Update on Maria Antonia Plaza Gomez Murder Case
Police have not made any arrests in regards to the murder case of Maria Antonia Plaza Gomez; they continue to work diligently on the investigation case.

Maria Antonia Plaza Gomez, a female flight attendant of Maya Island Air Regional was reported missing on Sunday, October 31, and her lifeless body was found on Tuesday, November 2. Plaza Gomez was violently tortured, assaulted and brutally murdered.

Anyone with valuable information or leads in regards of the murder of Maria Antonia Plaza Gomez are kindly asked to come forward at the police station or call 226-2022.

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    jeez! no mean fi be mean or anything but mien cops should be at every boat when they arrive to see suspicious ppl like this and question the reason for their visit.. ugh.. be like Caye Caulker. when someone who is not from here commits some sort of crime he or she is usually banned from the island... i know i know.. its kinda hard with san pedro since its so big... but mien.. i could smell the violence on these guys by jus lookin at them... im scared for my Beautiful San Pedro.

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    Dont be too prejudice.........  There are people dressed up and going to church committing crimes as well.

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    yea. police knows exactly the people that are doing this kind of things to the establishments . they need to be more vigilant on this guys . this guys are well known on the island they dont work they just want to be harrasing the tourist selling of drugs police need to patrol the beach more and the cominity of course have to put thier part and work along with the police to fight this people because if we no come together all we are going to suffer

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    Do you really think if you ask these men the reason for their visit, they would tell you they come to rob and kill people??  People simply have to be more vigilant and careful! You can't stop Belizeans from coming to the island. Don't blame the Police, they try its just that it is a big island and its not the easiest job either!  Hope you all have a nice safe Christmas and just be careful and report anything that looks suspicious!

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    when police encounter these type of people having good grounds that they are responsible for the crime, they should be shot in there knees so that next time they won't be able to do such thing again. so that when they are in there wheel chair sitting down, let them think carefully as to what good nx to do.

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    Update on "Maria Antonia Plaza Gomez Murder Case", what update??? Investigations are still where it started.

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    Regarding the Plaza Gomez incident..that';s no update

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    We understand that this is not much of an update on the Maria Plaza case, but people have been asking us if there is any news on the case. We contacted the SP Police Department for more information and this is all they could give us. Ambergris Today is just trying to inform those who have inquired on the status of the case. Will keep everybody posted as soon as any new information surfaces. Thanks!

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    How would you feel if someone told you you cannot come to a certain part of the country cause you look suspicious....? that's crap. It's people like you who think this way prejudicing YOUR FELLOW COUNTRYMEN that hamper why we as a country cannot move forward. why should it matter how you look, dress, or fix your hair or the color of your skin determine if you are "suspicious". one of the reasons i moved to the island is because most people here get along fine and everyone is cool with each other. Lately, I've been seeing a lot of separation of groups that havent been here before. someone people i knew 10 years ago now don't hang out with a couple of their friends cuz they are hang with the "local" or "Gringo" or the "rasta" crowd. 10 years 5 years up to 2 years ago this was non existant. now we want police stand at the boats and use their judgement on who can come on the island based on how they look??? really??? 

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