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The manager of Wings Department Store in San Pedro was assaulted last night, Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at around 8:20p.m. as he closed the store and was on his way to his residence located on the third floor of the Wings building.

According to reports, the manager had just locked down the store and as he was on his way to his residence located on the third floor, he was assaulted by one male person who hit him and threw him on the floor. The manager was then threathened and taken downstairs to the store where he was hit with a hammer on the head. The assailant along with another accomplice then opened the three cash registers and took an undisclosed amout of money. They exited through the back of the building upstairs.

Access to the third floor residence is blocked by a high cast iron fence and key locked steel door facing Coconut Drive. The manager received some injuries to his head and face and was treated at a local clinic and was later transported to Belize City for further medical attention.

Immediate police investigations were carried out and various suspects have been detained. More details to come as they becomes available.

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    Congrats to the police for their rapid response

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    jejeje be caz they r never on time good job pplWink

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    how can you laugh for something like that? have some regards for ppl.

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    you need to hire good security budy and spend abit more on your safety. the attacker need to be punished heavily.

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