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The Garifuna community all around Belize prepares to celebrate Garifuna Settlement Day with is observed on November 19 as a public and bank holiday. This year the Garifuna celebrate under the theme: Gibe Memegili Wayumaha; Lidanba Uarani Wawansera (We Continue to have many Aspirations; In Unity We Advance).

The San Pedro Branch of the National Garifuna Council has lined up activities leading towards the national day of celebration of the arrival of the Garifuna to Belize which include the following:

17th November. Drumming in the Central Park
Come out and learn the art of playing the Garifuna drums and how to dance Punta, Paranda,
Hugu Hugu, Jankunu and much more. 7p.m.

18th November. Cultural Block Party
*3rd Annual Island Battle of the drums,
*Cultural Dance Presentations
*Cultural Foods
*Jankunu Competition

19th November. Urumie(Or Arrival Reenactment at Central Park) at 6:00am
Mass at the Catholic Church 7a.m.
Afternoon Beach Party Central Park
All day Huduth Sale

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Dorian Nuñez


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    will like to let all my garinagu that i still remember them and love them

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    i  love  many  things  about  the Garifuna community...

    the  music.. 

     the  colors..

    .the  food dishes...

    the  pride of  culture...

    but  one  thing  i  dont like  at  all...  is  the  lax  way  that  the  councils  up  hold  thier  moto...  to  help  thier  own  members  when  needed.... 

    and  yet.... 

     there  is  a  young  woman  who  has  very  serious medical  and  physical  issues...that  warrent  the involvement  of  the   Garifuna community's  leaders.....but  for  3  yrs  running...   they  seem  to  have  a  blind  eye  to  her  situation... and  her  needs  and  her  buisness  plan ,[which  would  enhance  the  Garifuna community]..

    the  council's and  head  council  for  all  the Garifuna community councils  in  belize... seem  to  not  want  to  endorse  her  buisness...  by  giving  her  exclusitivity  sales  and  distributing rights , with  her Garifuna community promoting  products...[  no  other  buisness  is  doing  it in  belize,country wide ...and  she  has  total financial  backing]...]

    this  is  a  win-win  situation...if  they would  sign  simple  aggreements... there  was  a  verbal  aggreement  to  do  so... 2 yrs  ago...  there  is  no  possative  responce...

    this  seems  like  a  shamefull  way  for  heads  of  councils  to  act...and  leaves  this  woman's  dreams..endeavor..and  future  on  a  slow  standstill..

    a 3 yr endeavor.....[that  could  expand  to  support  the  whole[large] family..]...seems  to  have  met a  void that should  not  be..

    hopefully....the situation  and  the  mindset of  the   of the  council  leaders  that  be.. will  change  .!!!!

    love  the  the  people...fix  the  councils  please!!

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