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Scarleth Delgado and Krista Cruz Share Top Model Title

It was suppose to be a Fashion Show to select a top model amongst the ten contestants of the Next Miss Belize beauty pageant and a platform on which the organization to conduct their preliminary judging before pageant night on Saturday, November 27, 2010. But what went wrong during the fashion show on Saturday, November 13, clearly shows that the Miss Belize organization still needs a lot more polishing.

With the show starting at 9:30p.m., two hours later than scheduled, the audience was already irritated for waiting so long, but when the show started the ten contestants and guest models did an amazing job in modelling clothes from RH Creation (a Belizean born fashion designer). The delegates took to the catwalk with poise and elegance with much dedication as if it already was pageant night.

It was unfortunate that audience attendance was low because the show was good and the girls did a wonderful job. Many blamed the low attendance on the lack of publicity of the event (mostly publicised on Facebook) and the high cost of ticket price.

It was at the end of the show when things went wrong, after three separate showings of casual wear, swimsuits and evening gowns. The event organizer informed the crowd that there would only be one winner that night – one top model who showed the best potential in their modelling skills. Nine of the girls were suppose to be given a “Delegate” sash with only one obtaining the “Best Model” sash. After some confusion in the handing out of sashes, Scarleth Delgado from San Pedro was given the “Best Model” sash and after she took her winning walk down the catwalk it was announced that there had been a mistake.

Apparently two contestants received the same score, Scarleth Delgado of San Pedro and Krista Cruz of Belmopan had tied for first place. The contestants and audience were clearly confused and upset. Miss Delgado had to remove her sash and crown and both she and Miss Cruz shared the runway as winners of the best model at the fashion show.

Event organizers assure that both contestants will receive their prize package of $300 gift certificate from Moon Dancer, photo shoot by Conch Creative, Best Model Sash and Tiara and two swimsuits from Swimbay Swimwear. Scoring at the fashion show will count as 10% of the overall score on pageant night.

“It is a shame that such controversies have always fallen onto the Miss Belize franchise time after time,” commented one island resident. “I am so proud of all the girls at the fashion show last night for The Next Miss Belize! The contestants were all beautiful and did a great job presenting themselves. How unfortunate that the organizers did not have their act together and blamed others when after all they were in charge. A tie, please; no matter who it was, there should have never been a tie!

It was common sentiment of those in attendance that if the right person were to take over and properly run the organization maybe it could start gaining the respect it deserves. At the moment, island residents are very upset with the way the fashion show and judging was conducted. The contestants were clearly embarrassed and had no fault on the shortcomings of the pageant and fashion show organizers.

It is hoped that they get their act together really fast so that they make sure these kind of mistakes do not take place on pageant night, November 27 in Belize City. The contestants deserve all the respect in the world because they have invested time, money and emotion into something they really love to do. The contestants did a fantastic job and we wish them all the best on pageant night.

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    Congratulations to Scarleth and Anna! You both looked lovely on the runway! Job well done!

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    I believe that the organizers of this so call fashion show should learn how to ORGANIZE themselves before they bring forward a show. Mrs. Opal (organizer) should have been more respectful and i shall repeat more ORGANIZED A little advice: Think before you act.

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    Congrats to Scarleth!!! She did the best and deserved the full title!!Smile

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    Well Thank you Ambergris Today for an honest and sincere report...Mrs Opal Lives at the moment in the US how does she expect to make the queen of the jewel a success? Plus they don't even own the franchise so they shouldn't label it like that! And for scarleth You won baby....there was no tie there but only a tie on the one judge they had

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    Congrats to Opal and the entire organizing crew. I think that they are trying thier best to do what is within thier abilities. I know Opal personally and know that she is a woman with great vision and gives 100% of herself to whatever project she is working on.  That being said, it is obvious that they should ask for help, and we do have many seasoned organizers who can help. Sometimes you need to humble yourself and ask for help cause if you don't, you end up with the result that happened at the Lion's Den. May the rest of the competition be free of these mistakes and may they ask for help so that our Belizean Beauties can truly shine...

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    Well like Mr.NUnez said " PRAISE ND RAISE COMPLAIN ND REMAIN".

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    I do believe when one gets involved in this kind of stuff they should put 100% so this comes out they way want but in this case we can see that Opal is not giving not even half of her time in order to have a succesfull show, since we all had a horrible experience this past saturday..... 

    An advice to Opal please dont get involved if you cant handle it.... to the girls u were amazing and its a shame that the organizers are not RESPONSIBLE and ORGANIZED..

    Congrats to Scar and Krista on a Job well done...

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    Shame showing off these girls and embarrassing on stage. there is never a tie in these events

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