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With last week’s decision by the San Pedro Town Council's to open the Boca del Rio Bridge to taxi drivers only (other than golf carts), a stream of backlash has flooded its way. Some objection to the Town Council’s decision has risen from residents in North Ambergris Caye, similar to the resistance that came as the town decided to remove the old ferry and construct a bridge to connect San Pedro Town core to North Ambergris Caye which is also within town boundaries.

Today, the San Pedro Town Council tells Ambergris Today that it has made the decision to open the Boca del Rio Bridge to taxi drivers; prior to this, vehicles no larger than a golf cart had access to the bridge. However with the high demand to access the resorts in North Ambergris Caye, development has prompted the San Pedro Town Council to allow taxi drivers to extend their services for tourists and residents who want faster access to their resorts and not be dependent on the scheduled runs of the local water taxis.

“Allowing taxis to have access to North Ambergris Caye via the Boca del Rio Bridge is on an ongoing trial base. There is no way of stopping progress,” commented Deputy Mayor Pablo Ico. “The program will be monitored and there are a few simple rules that need to be followed by taxi drivers.”

Taxis will only be allowed to cross from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. every day; the speed limit will be 10 miles per hour (less than the town limit of 15mph), and they are only allowed up to Las Terrazas which is 3.5 miles north of the bridge.

Mr. Ico also mentioned that there will be a daily recording of which taxi goes up north with the name of the taxi driver and license plate number logged in. If taxi driver is reported to be speeding and not staying within the road boundary, he will be penalized and not allowed to cross the bridge ever again.

The San Pedro Town Council will be holding a meeting later today with the  Area Representative and Minister of Tourism, Hon. Manuel Heredia after which they will be holding a meeting with all the taxi associations to further discuss how this trial system will go about. Even a fixed fare for all taxi drivers will be discussed and implemented.

While there are a few North Ambergris Caye residents that bitterly oppose to a bit more traffic up north, there are a few who don't seem to mind and others are very open to the idea. The development of North Ambergris shouldn’t and can’t be stopped as it summons more development and progress in the area. Taking positive steps towards monitoring progress and maintaining sustainable development is the way to go. A positive outlook goes a long way.
Taxis Allowed Across the Bridge!?

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    So will Taxi's have to pay the toll at the bridge like all Golf Carts have to pay? A very good question not addressed by this article....

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    We were told that most definitely they will be charged to cross the bridge like all golf carts but that fee will be discussed in today's meeting with the Town Coucil/Traffic.

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    Defenitlely a good idea to open the bridge to taxi service but what about private vehicles...what difference does it make if it is a taxi or private vehicle?..once the bridge collectors leave who will be monitoring that taxi's don't come in after hours??.come on.. it has always been drivers crossing the bridge at the wee hours of the night... speeding??? who will control them.. you barely see traffic officers up north or worst a police officer...if it can't be controlled in town where we have traffic officers and police...who will do it up north... I work up north and travel daily...with the recent fix up of the street taxi drivers are flying...I think that the town council should make a deal with the taxi drivers so that they pay only a one daily fee instead of charging them every single time they cross the comes out to be kind of expensive to take a taxi to your resort up north as I was told by a tourist..

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    It is a smart decision by the Town Council to allow for this service.  It has been a need for a long time.  What's more, it is prejudicial and undemocratic to not allow other private small vehicles to cross because we have needs and rights too. Taxi Drivers should not have more privileges and rights than the rest of us.  What may be considered is not to give any resident on the north a permit to import any vehicle to the Island. 

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    i second

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    Has any body seen the damage that is has done to the bridge already?...i don't think this was made fit for big and heavy load...take a look ....

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    No, i don't think they have seen it...the town board is douing wrong. This bridge is definitely not gonna stand all this pressure! And let's not mention the roads. They never did anything before, will they do it now when the taxi drivers mess up the strees more???????????? I don't think so!

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    I think that this bridge was designed to take light loads and not sure that the weight of cars were in the design!  Hopefully you have had engineers to inspect this bridge to make sure it can carry the weight of vans, cars, and trucks  or you may not have a bridge for long because of collapse.

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    If there is an accident on the 'road' north the vehicles insurance is void as the insurance companies consider it private property. It seems to me that if and when it happens, and it will, it would make  the town council liable. If I was a taxi owner I would definitly call my insurance company. 

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    I still am not sure if this was a "smart" decision on behalf of the town council.  You either allow all traffic or you don't. There will be "no good" monitoring of these vehicles. I say allow all traffic to go thru if the bridge is fit to do so.  If not then upgrade the bridge with all of the money that has been collected.  On the other hand, we have the residents north of the island who always complain that they pay good tax money and  town does not provide the services that one gets in downtown but they "the north end residents" only want the good and not the bad.  They want their garbage picked up, fire truck service, potable water etc like we have here in town but don't want the "traffic", the noise, the crime that we have here in downtown and south of the island.  North End residents would love that only "their" vehicles be allowed to speed down the north end roads while the rest of the town are made to feel unwelcome.  I have a message to residents north of the river.  Traffic is on its way.  The town council has opened up the flood gates so get ready.  You will no longer enjoy your quiet days and night!!!

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