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The proprietor of this humble house is Mr. Andrew Bradley, a quiet and reserved but very happy man. He lived a small part of his life in neighboring X’calak, Mexico. In the late 1950’s he literally saw an entire family lose their life during Hurricane Janet, but he managed to save the life of one child; that child was Edwardo Brown Sr. It was until then that Andrew came to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize, bringing his adopted son with him. Since then, Andrew has been a dedicated fisherman and built his house in San Pedro.

Night and day you would see him alone in his verandah simply saying hello to his friends and passersby. Eventually Andrew was joined by a companion, Bertha, and occasionally you would see both on the verandah. For the most part Andrew is content with his solitary time; he is a very happy man. It is usually this lone figure that you would see; he might appear sad and lonely, but he is proud and happy of his past and a very happy man for that matter. Test this story. Pass by his house on Pescador Drive, wave to him and say, “Hello Andrew.” You are sure to receive a smile and a greeting in return.

Note: Andrew has no children of his own.

Andrew Bradley Enjoys Sitting on His Verandah

Andrew Bradley Enjoys Sitting on His Verandah

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