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Caribeña Fishing Cooperative (1st pic) and Caribeña Enterprises (2nd pic) are two completely separate entities.  The first was a powerful fishing cooperative that exported marine products from 1965 to 1985.  The second is a business firm that deals with gasoline, cable TV, internet, and discotheque.  However there are some similarities of with these two.  Both carry the name Caribeña, both were managed by the same person, Pedro Salazar, and both shared the same location. 

The Caribeña Fishing Cooperative boasted a small shed with work tables for the fishermen to clean the day’s catch of whole fish, fillet, lobster tails and even conch.  To the right here is the flake ice factory which served the needs of the fish processing plant as well as those of the community of San Pedro.  It was the fishing cooperative that built this first sea wall by the lagoon.  The masons must have been good because that original sea wall is still standing there today serving the needs of the gas station belonging to Caribeña Enterprise.

Finally this is the look of the site today, the local gas station that is part of Caribeña Enterprise. It is still the center of activity, not to fishermen but to all sea vessels and vehicles of the island.  It is just another beautiful and historic spot in San Pedro.

Caribeña Co-Operative from Rustic to Modern

Caribeña Fuels Today

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