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This little corner of old San Pedro village in the 1970’s is totally different today.  The children could enjoy first of all a large campus for sports as we see Lisa Forman and Miguel ‘Sykes’ Guerrero in the forefront. Children’s sports days were very common and popular. No five a side court, no buildings for classrooms, not even a fence. Straight in the center at the back there is no sign of El Fogon Restaurant or Susan Eiley’s residence.  The green bush in the background has been replaced by several streets and an entire residential area.  I wonder whose little white wooden house it is on the right?  This is now the site of Island Galleria, a busy commercial building right downtown San Pedro.  Is there at least one coconut tree remaining there? Look at the tiny three-seater airplanes at the extreme left.  Those have been swapped by fourteen-seaters and their parking space has been substituted by a spanking Tropic Air terminal building. This is what we mean from a quiet laid back fishing village to a bustling little town in the tropics.

Drastic Changes at San Pedro Roman Catholic School Area

San Pedro Roman Catholic School in the present day

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