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In the early days of tourism in San Pedro, our Island was advertized as “laid back”  “picturesque”, “charming”, “quaint”, “slow”, and “romantic”.  This photograph in our Flashback Collection is a vivid example why such description.  Our tourist guides did not advertize through the media, not even with a business card. This fisherman/tourist guide is taking a nap, but if you wanted to go reef fishing or snorkeling, you just had to wake him up.  The site is along the lagoon on the west right across the old football field.  The canoe named Melly is a dugout canoe, meaning that it is one piece of log dug with an axe by hand.  It is a historic and picturesque photo of a dying art, the art of carving canoes out of a log. The art of making hammocks was also once prevalent in San Pedro.

El embarcadero

The Charm Of San Pedro

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