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Hip Hip Hurray is a British term which is an expression of joy and victory and was commonly used in festivities.  We have been assured that this was also the joy word used by renowned emcee Mr. Allan Forman in the 1950’s and 60’s. Mr. Allan Forman spiced up all public and patriotic events in his days including the coronation of Miss San Pedro in the 1960’s. He was spontaneous, joyous, humorous, and loud for most of the time he spoke in public without a microphone. In this Flashback Mr. Allan Forman left the stage to join in the one and only float for the Tenth of September parade probably in 1965 with his son Clive Forman.  It was not much of a float but a biggie in those days.  Long Live the Tenth of September and Hip Hip Hurray for Mr. Allan Forman.

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