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Belikin Beer is doing something good - being innovative and creative by brewing seasonal craft beer and giving its customers something tasty, flavorful and FUN! It is definitely something new for the company to be producing newer beer flavor blends and at a more frequent pace. There is more talk about Belikin and its signature flavor of Belizean Beer which is known the world over.

With the addition of a new Belizean brewmaster, Nolan R. T. Michael, the Belize Brewing Company Ltd. is bringing new life to the brewery and fascinating its customers with different flavors of beer, in addition to its regular Belikin, Stout, Premium and Lighthouse blends. Their seasonal craft beer flavors are fun and keep Belikin drinkers wanting more.

The Verano Beer, which was just introduced this past week, promises “Summer in a Bottle”. The color of a bright golden sunrise, and with a light citrus aroma, Verano sublimely combines an orange tartness with a subtle sweetness for an extraordinarily refreshing taste experience. The brewery states that this innovative beer owes its unique appeal to the lager fermentation process, which imparts a melody of tropical fruit notes, and is combined with Belizean orange peel and exotic spices, such as an enticing hint of wheat malt from renowned Breiess Malting. All of these flavors come together beautifully to create a thirst-quenching, clean-finishing beer perfect for those warm summer days.

Summer in a Botttle. Belikin's Verano Beer

Belikin set up free sampling of Verano Beer outside Liquor Box

It was the Sorrel Stout that came out in December of last year that had people enjoying a new stout flavor from Belikin and the tasty Chocolate Stout that was introduced during the Cacao Festival in May 2012 that had everybody talking. They are long gone from the iceboxes in stores but the seasonal flavors will be back, in time.

I ‘Belize’ you definitely get summer in a bottle with the new Verano Beer which Belikin will have out until the end of August. Don’t let summer run out on you without having given Verano Beer a try. What better way to have a Belizean Summer than with the very Belizean Belikin Verano Beer!? Enjoy Summer – Enjoy Verano Beer!

Summer in a Botttle. Belikin's Verano Beer

Summer in a Botttle. Belikin's Verano Beer

Summer in a Botttle. Belikin's Verano Beer

Summer in a Botttle. Belikin's Verano Beer

The Belize Brewing Company currently produces four beer varieties, including refreshing lagers and savory stouts. The Belikin brand has forged an enduring legacy linked to the very nature of Belize itself; the name “Belikin” being derived from the indigenous Maya language meaning “Road to the East.” Hand-crafted with uncompromising standards for pure ingredients, a Belikin perfectly complements the richly rewarding experiences found throughout the unspoiled country of Belize. For more information about Belikin beers please visit:

Belikin Beer introduces Verano! Summer in a bottle. from Belikin on Vimeo.

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