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By Angel Nuñez

Daddy’ Rock is under new management by Ana Cal and somebody asked, “How long back does Daddy’s go?”  Somebody said about 28 years, but she had no idea.  Here’s a little of the history for my good friend Ana Cal  

Daddy’s Club is the brainchild of Mr. Gildardo “Daddy” Paz.  He was one of the few Paz brothers that decided not to become a fisherman but to be a businessman.  In the year 1950 or just about Mr. Daddy built the first bar right on the beach and also right in front of the great Blake House belonging to the most influential family in San Pedro.  At Blake House there was a liquor store but liquor was not to be consumed on the premises, so you  can know that Daddy’s Club became the most popular bar in San Pedro, except that it carried the name “Club” instead of “Bar”.  It was a simple room with a counter and a few tables and chairs.  Attached to the club Mr. Daddy had another business, Daddy’s Saloon, where folks could enjoy soft drinks called Lemonade, bottled chocolate  drinks called Soldaditos, candies, pet milk, chocolates, natural milk in cans, pepitoes,  peanuts,  and the most famous refreshing shaved ice with syrup called ‘raspados’.  These raspados were sold  only once in a while when the cargo boat occasionally brought a block of ice from Belize City.  This was the very beginning of your Club, Ana.

The Many Faces of Daddy's Club

Soldado de Chocolate

The Many Faces of Daddy's Club


The year 1961 saw the complete destruction of Daddy’s Club and Daddy’s Saloon by hurricane Hattie.  For many months afterwards children were digging up on the beach and shallow sea bottles of Soldaditos and Lemonade.  And for many months Mr. Daddy Paz, with the help of his brother Felipe “Tio Pil” Paz, was rebuilding Daddy’s Club.  This time around he built a nicer longer building with wide windows that were suitable for a dance hall.  This was so because all girls attending a dance had to be chaperoned by their moms or aunties and space was necessary for their viewing of the dance. Of course this made the second Daddy’s Club extra special and popular.  Daddy’s Saloon was built downstairs of Mr. Daddy’s house and this time around it was Saloon and Grocery Store.

The Many Faces of Daddy's Club

A few years later, also in the 1960’s Daddy’s Club underwent expansion with the addition of an annex along the beach with nice tables and seating also to be used for dances. Popular bar tender at the time was Mr. Cristino Gomez.  This was the hottest spot in the village at the time and all the way into the 1980’s, with competition coming from Marino’s Club, another bar with large dance hall.  A lot of love relationships were made at these Daddy’s Clubs.

The Many Faces of Daddy's Club

Popular bar tender at the time at Daddy's Club was Mr. Cristino Gomez

A fifth chapter into Daddy’s Club came in thew1980’s when Ray Bowers a friendly diver living in San Pedro leased out the building from Mr. Daddy’s children and opened up new doors as Captain Loco’s Pub. To tell the truth, it lasted a few years but not too many.

The Many Faces of Daddy's Club

Captain Loco's Pub

The Many Faces of Daddy's Club

And then came chapter six of Daddy’s Club when the children re-took management of the club, renamed it Big Daddy’s, and now came up with the idea of a discotheque with DJ instead of a dance hall with live bands.

From there most of you know the story of Daddy’s Club seventh chapter, Daddy Rock!  Big Daddy’s has undergone transformation after transformation to add a touristic ambience, a disco ambience, more darkness and more blinking lights.  This particular discotheque and bar has passes through several managements trying to make it more attractive and thereupon even changed its name to Daddy Rock.  We can safely say that from 1950 to the present Daddy’s has survived the spirit of Mr. Daddy Paz for some 62 years. I wanna bet that whosoever gets to keep that place, the name ‘Daddy’ will live on and on as long as it continues to be San Pedro’s entertainment center.

The Many Faces of Daddy's Club

Daddy's Club is now Daddy Rock

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