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    Congratulations to Miss Habet on winning Miss Earth Belize. I'm glad she changed her mind about women who participates in Pageant! A few months ago she had some demeaning comments about me based on beling a former beauty queen and commercial model!

    I'm not sure what her position is on beauty queens now and I hope she does well....

    being a beauty queen is not just about beauty! It is about personality, it's about being a good public speaker and being honest to yourself! Too many girls get involved in Pageants and Modeling for the attention and this is why  they don't do well!

    When we wear a crown we need to conduct ourselves as representatives of Belize... We can not have two sets of Manners. We can not look like a lady on stage and curse and pick fights on the streets!  We need to at all time be the same person that the judges fell inlove with on stage!

    I known organizers of Miss Earth (International)  for many years and they are very proffecional in what they do. Belize need to do the same.

    I would advise that the Belize organizers should start giving some etiquett and behavior classes to the girls representing Belize . As a former title holder for Mis Tourism Universe and an International organizer , I can tell you... this has been a huge flaw  of Belize  and with Miss Habet this would be my fear ; aswell as her height!