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Is reading like a punishment for you? Have you ever put some thought to the value of reading?  April 23 is World Book and Author's Day. In these turbulent times in our world, it is very important to read, whether story books, technological advancement or genetic science. It is not enough to listen to people; it is imperative that we find out ourselves.

Books embody the diversity of human ingenuity with a wealth of knowledge and experience of others/authors in the areas of agriculture, science, health, nutrition, business, skills, saving our planet and protecting our environment. The wealth of knowledge that one acquires from reading will help us to adapt and to move societies forward. Books help weave humanity together as a single family, as a community and as a nation. Books and the knowledge therefor help us to hold on to a common past, appreciate our history, and craft our destiny together.

It is my perspective that whatever we write and whatever we read should/will bring personal benefits as well as benefits to our community and the greater world. So come on, we do not write for ourselves. We do not read for ourselves. We write so that others may benefit. We read so that it is beneficial to us and we in turn make it beneficial to others. That is why I have said earlier that books help weave humanity together. 

The last book that I read is "How Not to Die"  It caught my attention because we all want to live a long life or at least a bit longer. Well I learned that with proper healthy eating, I can live a little longer. I learned how not to die too early and this will benefit me, my family and if I share with others, it will benefit my friends and community. Thank you Michael Greger, author of the book "Hows Not to Die" for sharing your wealth of information about healthy eating for a longer life.  You have helped me discover the foods scientifically proven to prevent disease and to reverse diseases.

Now here are some ideas to be brought under perspective. Are you a reader whether it be avid reader or once in a while. If you are not, it is not late to start. Parents, do you encourage your children to read? If not you are doing them a great disservice. Teachers, do you spoon feed information and just cram ideas into their heads? It is better to encourage reading and research.

As a community now bombarded with technological advancement, children and teenagers are inclined to read less because they are too attached to the cellphones. If the children are using the cellphones and not reading, then the technology is not an advancement, but rather a step backward. And now I talk to you the users of cellphones.  If you are using the shortcut expressions of writing, then you are not advancing in your expression of the English language but rather retrogressing.

PERSPECTIVES celebrates World Book Day and Authors Day April 23 and encourages everyone to do more reading. If authors spend months in publishing a book, then you should be able to spend a few hours or days in reading a good one.  What is a good book?  One that captivates your interest. It could be a love story or a mathematics book.

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