The Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday confirmed that a Taiwanese expatriate is being detained in Los Angeles for alleged sexual misconduct in Belize, where he practiced acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

The Chinese-language China Times yesterday reported that Kevin Lee allegedly molested several of his Belizean female patients and videotaped them as they got undressed. Many of the alleged victims were said to be wives of politically prominent men and well-known socialites.

The Taiwanese embassy in Belize has been closely monitoring the situation since late last month when the case broke and it is now assisting Belizean police with their investigation, ministry spokesman James Chang said.

Ambassador to Belize David Wu said in a telephone interview with Central News Agency on Monday that Lee, who has lived in Belize for nearly two decades, had been accused of secretly filming his patients, but that he did not commit sexual assaults as has been alleged.

“This is not a sexual assault case. No wives of ranking Belize officials fell prey to Lee,” Wu said. Wu also confirmed Lee’s arrest.

The China Times reported that a technician who was fixing Lee’s PC several weeks ago found nearly 600 video files on Lee’s hard disk that allegedly showed several Belizean socialites and ministers’ wives being sexually molested in his clinic. A disk of the videos began to circulate after an attempt to blackmail Lee failed, causing uproar in the country.

Sources who have watched the videos said the supposed victims seemed to have been sexually assaulted when in a dazed state, the report said.

The alleged victims apparently include female diplomats from other countries stationed in Belize and their dependents, prompting Belizean police to issue an international warrant for Lee through Interpol, which led to Lee’s arrest last week, the newspaper report added.

Wu said his embassy has learned that a suspect who is accused of trying to blackmail Lee showed a disk and the letter used in the blackmail attempt to a leader of the Taiwanese expatriate community in Belize.

The disk showed a patient undressing. Wu said as the two parties played the disk over dinner, a Belizean official nearby alerted a minister and the matter came to light.

The diplomat said the alleged victims were average Belizean citizens and that no wives of ranking officials were involved, as far as the embassy knew. He said reports that wives of senior officials were involved was simply speculation and that police in the country had yet to confirm them.

Because many of the 1,000 Taiwanese living in Belize practice Chinese medicine, Wu expressed the hope that the incident would not hurt Taiwanese expatriates in Belize and that it would not affect Taiwan’s image in the country.

News Source: Taipe Times    Click here for the story in Taipe Times

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    If Belizeans ran ALL the restaraunts, hotels,and shops,  There would be no tourists. How many people vacation in Haiti?

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    i  dont  believe  your  comment  has  any  many  people  visit

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    Well said!

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    The Taiwanese diplomats seem to be saying that the matter should not be taken serously because there is no dipomat wife on the disk while the Belizean authorities seem to be saying that they have taken the matter seriously and contacted interpol just  because the video included diplomats' wives.

    Whether the video includes diplomants' wives or only citizens of Belize, we all have equal rights to privacy. The Belize Constitution does not state that only diplomats' wives should be protected.  

    The authorities in Belize need to start to conduct random checks at those business places for illegal activities.

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    I agree 100%. You are absolutely right with your comment, thanks.

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    I think before the Government of Belize issues a permit to anyone who is applying for a work permit, they should request police records of the idividuals along with other legal documentations, letters of reference and check if the information is legitimate. Belize is a growing country and the last thing we need is corrupt people coming to our country and start giving ideas to other persons.


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    They already do.   In order to get a work permit you have to go and get a police record. it is one of the requirements.  But this man has been here 20 years and is obviously a resident. Who knows when his devient behavior began.

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    Ouch....foreigners?  that's what we are labeled?  the country i come from is a melting pot of nationalities where we all blend. our ancestors all were foreigners at one point.  there is good bad and ugly in every color and nationality.  how unfortunate this man has chosen to live an a-moral life and how sad for his victims, but don't lump the rest of the world as foreigners being the root of all evil.  Judge each person on his own postitives and negatives, not on his skin color

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    a  well   spoken  comment

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    In response to my comment on 10-6, yes I have visited Belize for the last 15 years and given the opportunity, would live there the rest of my years, hopefully kindly adopted as a welcome outsider rather than a "Foreigner Tourist."  I stand by my comment.

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