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Icon October 5, 2010 - 15:00

San Pedro Scouts Community Service

On Wednesday, January 24, the Cub Scouts of San Pedro began their weekly community service with the cleaning up of windows, doors and the compound at the San Pedro Roman Catholic School.

The Cub Scouts are headed by Mr. Hermojenes Acosta and Mrs. Sylvia Sedacy. Their aim is to gain recognition as the only Cub Scouts on the island and to get the children involved in giving back to their community.

The scouts will take part on weekly activities which will take place every Wednesday of the week. They will be involved in activities such as cleaning up the beaches, streets and helping out the elderly of San Pedro by either cleaning up their yard or doing other chores. They will also be contacting the Town Council to see which sections of the island need cleaning up so that they can help out.

The group will also be taught how to start a fire without matches, how to tie different types of knots, as well as other scout’s activities. The Cub Scouts of San Pedro consists of 24 members, 6 females and 18 males.

Kudos to the Cub Scouts of San Pedro, may they keep up the good work!

Cub Scouts clean up R.C. Primary School


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