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Social Scene

- 11-26-2015 -

STAR Restaurant & Bar Holds Grand Opening

STAR Restaurant & Bar Holds Grand Opening at Mayan Islands Resort

To celebrate the grand opening of their STAR Restaurant and Bar, Mayan Islands Resorts held a cocktail party for invited guests who were served with complimentary drinks, appetizers, music and a spectacular lagoon view of San Pedro Town. Mayan Islands Resort is just a seven-minute boat ride west of San Pedro Town, lagoon-side. STAR Restaurant is situated on a picturesque setting next to the water’s edge with a large pool deck that has spectacular sunset views. It’s Ambergris Caye’s newest...

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25 Years Ago

- 11-23-2015 -

Remembering When WE USED TO… in San Pedro Village No. 7

Remembering When WE USED TO… in San Pedro Village No. 7

By Angel Nuñez It is always fun to reminisce the past about the fun things we USED TO do in San Pedro. Many of the things we used to do were so different from how or what we do today.  One of the things that always amazes me is the very simplistic way of doing things.   SELLING FISH:   In the order of jobs that kept this village going, fishing was fourth- the first three being cutting logwood, the chicle industry, and the coconut industry. Fishing is the part that I recall so...

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- 11-16-2015 -

Alan Forman Scuba Diving Pioneer of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye

Alan Forman was Scuba Diving Pioneer of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye

While it can safely be said that Celi McCorkle is the Tourism Pioneer in the hotel industry of San Pedro, Alan Forman is the Tourism Pioneer in the scuba diving operations on the island. Alan and a group of San Pedranos formed the chain of local small hotels known as Coral Beach Hotels. This group offered fishing, snorkeling, sailing, mainland tours, beach parties and anything else that they sensed the visitors would enjoy. Alan Forman was the first hotelier to offer a bar and entertainment...

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Restaurant Review

- 12-30-2014 -

Have a Pineapple Boat at Pineapples Restaurant

The Pineapple Boat - Signature dish at Pineapples Restaurant, Ramon's Village

- by Dorian Nuñez - You could say that Pineapples is somewhat of a themed restaurant, but it’s not tacky, by far. It blends very well with the earthy feel at Ramon’s Village, the resort in which it is located. It can be very elegant, upscale and at the same time very casual as it caters to both the resort’s guests and anybody who desires to indulge in sweet decadence. I say sweet because a lot of the restaurant’s dishes are centered around one main ingredient; you guessed it – the pineapple....

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Room Service

- 11-29-2012 -

El Secreto Brings Technology Under a Thatched Roof

Sun sets over El Secreto Resort in Belize, Central America

It’s the secret everybody was talking about; what people were highly anticipating to be revealed as news of it spread throughout the country and abroad. And in October of this year Belize’s newest resort, El Secreto, was revealed to the world on Ambergris Caye. It’s a secluded, oceanfront island escape located 11 miles north of the Town of San Pedro that promises an intimate, tropical-style environment full of exquisitely designed accommodations, personalized service and the latest high-tech...

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What's Cooking Belize

- 09-17-2014 -

Fried Jacks, a Belizean Breakfast Favorite

Fried Jacks, a Belizean Breakfast Favorite

Besides rice and beans with stew chicken, there can’t be anything more Belizean than Fried Jacks, or as we say in Belize ‘Fryjacks’.  Therefore on your visits to Belize, you’ve got to ask for these at your favorite deli or restaurant so that when you return home you can proudly announce, “I had the Belizean breakfast.” Ingredients1 Cup Flour2 tbsp. of Lard 1 tbsp. of Baking Soda1 tsp. of Salt1/4 Cup Butter (half stick)1 Cup of Water Directions Step 1Get all your ingredients ready! Step...

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