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Social Scene

- 08-16-2016 -

Denise Alfaro Celebrates Quinceaños with Grand Party

Denise Alfaro Celebrates Quinceaños with Grand Party

Special Birthday Greetings are on hand for Denise Alfaro who celebrated her 15 Birthday (Quinceaños) on Saturday, August 13, 2016 with a grand 'Candyland' themed celebration. After her celebratory mass held at the San Pedro Roman Catholic Church, Denise hosted a one-of-a-kind party that featured special acrobatic performances, stilt dancers and plenty of candy, party favors and entertainment for her guests. Happy Birthday Denise from Ambergris Today! Click Here for More Social Scene Posts on...

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25 Years Ago

- 08-01-2016 -

25 Years Ago Celebrates 25 Years of Storytelling & History

25 Years Ago Celebrates 25 Years of Storytelling

This exciting journalistic adventure commenced in September of 1991 an idea of Bruce and  Victoria Collins of the San Pedro Sun and, Yours Truly, Angel Nunez, who had recently moved to live in San Pablo to become the third resident of the community. The objective of the column was to educate the new generation and new residents of life on Ambergris  Caye to include social, economic, cultural, historical, folkloric, political, as well as industries, successes and failures, and other...

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- 08-15-2016 -

A Taste of Nostalgia

A Taste of Nostalgia - Flashback Fishing Village

GONE are those good old days when there were sandy streets all over San Pedro, like on back street and sand on Middle Street as seen in this Flashback. The sand has been replaced by concrete. GONE are the good old village days when children could play marbles in the middle of streets.  Other fun games included tops, skip ropes, softball and football, and all the group games played in circles.  Street games are no longer because of the heavy traffic on our busy “city” streets. GONE are...

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Restaurant Review

- 12-30-2014 -

Have a Pineapple Boat at Pineapples Restaurant

The Pineapple Boat - Signature dish at Pineapples Restaurant, Ramon's Village

- by Dorian Nuñez - You could say that Pineapples is somewhat of a themed restaurant, but it’s not tacky, by far. It blends very well with the earthy feel at Ramon’s Village, the resort in which it is located. It can be very elegant, upscale and at the same time very casual as it caters to both the resort’s guests and anybody who desires to indulge in sweet decadence. I say sweet because a lot of the restaurant’s dishes are centered around one main ingredient; you guessed it – the pineapple....

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Room Service

- 11-29-2012 -

El Secreto Brings Technology Under a Thatched Roof

Sun sets over El Secreto Resort in Belize, Central America

It’s the secret everybody was talking about; what people were highly anticipating to be revealed as news of it spread throughout the country and abroad. And in October of this year Belize’s newest resort, El Secreto, was revealed to the world on Ambergris Caye. It’s a secluded, oceanfront island escape located 11 miles north of the Town of San Pedro that promises an intimate, tropical-style environment full of exquisitely designed accommodations, personalized service and the latest high-tech...

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What's Cooking Belize

- 09-17-2014 -

Fried Jacks, a Belizean Breakfast Favorite

Fried Jacks, a Belizean Breakfast Favorite

Besides rice and beans with stew chicken, there can’t be anything more Belizean than Fried Jacks, or as we say in Belize ‘Fryjacks’.  Therefore on your visits to Belize, you’ve got to ask for these at your favorite deli or restaurant so that when you return home you can proudly announce, “I had the Belizean breakfast.” Ingredients1 Cup Flour2 tbsp. of Lard 1 tbsp. of Baking Soda1 tsp. of Salt1/4 Cup Butter (half stick)1 Cup of Water Directions Step 1Get all your ingredients ready! Step...

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